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MASSIVE ETHEREUM GAINS (Price Target)!! Bitcoin News Today & Ethereum Price Prediction (BTC & ETH)

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MASSIVE ETHEREUM GAINS (Price Target)!! Bitcoin News Today & Ethereum Price Prediction (BTC & ETH)
Welcome back to the Crypto World! In this video I reveal my next Ethereum Price Prediction and my next Bitcoin Price Prediction! Make sure to watch the WHOLE video so you don’t miss out on this valuable information & leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this!

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    ► I trade on Bybit 👉 👈 (NEW $4,450 BONUS)*

    🔥 Register with my link for a $4,450 BONUS* 🔥

    ► How To Trade on Bybit (Step by Step Tutorial):

    ► Bybit Trading Bot 👉 👈


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  8. Josh your videos are always useful keep up! I almost gave up but your analyses showed me a hope and I started buying btc and eth on tangem for long distance holding and now seeing positive vibes on the market I'm more than thankful

  9. I recommended to hey sometime ago,can I get person who invested with her Mrs Camilla mc Coy comment below

  10. Isn't it crazy that a lot of people have left crypto? Tt’s like a ghost town out now., But then, the opportunities are damn good right now. Trading these moves is an absolute dream. Alt-coins are low and ready to rip. I’m catching breakouts left and right!

  11. I'm new to crypto trading what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now, i don't know how to trade on cryptocurrency

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  15. Thank you josh ..made some good PROFITS in the last 24 hours.. thanks to you

  16. Very good explanation, but it would help to visualize the loss/gain without log chart 😉

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  19. Hello Josh
    Thank you so much for your updates and shring your analysis every day. It is very helpful to us beginners.
    I have a question, I have a sell short in BTC at 20050. I have been holding this for 5 days. Do I have to close this position or hold? The liquidation price is at 28000.
    Hoping for your reply.

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  26. those who don't have yet a bitcoin, better to buy now… still down price. when I bought it was 28k per bitcoin… so I'm still losses.. not good to sell. it should be 30k plus…

  27. If you are a ETH holder best to sell at £1300 and buy again at £800 buy the dip sell the gain it’s going back down ⭐️ 🌝 ☀️ 🚀

  28. What an incredible inflection point. We will see if history repeats itself again!

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