Crypto Price Prediction

My Prediction That Inflation Will Fall in July

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  1. NEXT RATE HIKE 1% GUARANTEED. After Stocks Crash and Home Equity Disapears, bedlam will take over.. Not buying anything untill there's blood in the streets 🍷.

  2. The Left continues to Lie about INFLATION… Euro is on par with the Dollar.. EUROPE will fall HARD. The curtain will be pulled and they can't hide the real numbers anymore.. 🍷 just an opinion from someone whose been through 2 crashes , They all end the same.

  3. Today is September 10, and Costco has a shortage of chicken thighs for awhile now. Just a common everyday person making a real statement.

  4. Success Depends on the action or step you take to achieve it. Show me a man who has no investments and I'll tell you how soon he'll be broke. Investment is to build a safe paradise for the Future

  5. In the real world… Cost of housing has risen so much, most people I know, my self included r now living out an RV because rent n buying is so high we can't afford it.

  6. Three weeks ago you were predicting a crash, food shortages, and catastrophe! Did you get a new crystal ball Brian?😂

  7. I think you're 100% correct. Thank you for your research and bringing it to the public where our "leader" doesn't.

  8. The only obgyn at Watson Clinic Bella Vista Lakeland Florida has that I would choose is Garas. Can you go in there.

  9. Results will be a depression and Russia will attack NATO with strategic nuclear weapons and we will all end up dead!

  10. AT the beginning of 2021 a can of Progresso soup was on sale for .88 cents. It is now $3.99 per can. That is not 9% inflation

  11. Brian, can you give an update on the student loan forgiveness situation? Thanks in advance.


  13. We are being led to the slaughter by the insane corrupt politicians and CEO’s of the world 🌎. All designed and now being implemented.

  14. Quite an honest review, thank you for this! I've been working with Clearvalue tax!! and his team for a while now and believe me when I say their expertise is unparalleled! Kudos to them

  15. The decision to raise rates by half a point or 3/4ths has the market bullish.. amazing 😂 optimist market

  16. The analysis of the already unsustainable economy is fruitless unless followed by a remedy. Gasoline is still high, rent is still up, Europe is expecting elevated freezing and starvation deaths this winter (all while being invaded), and our inflation for last month was 0% according to Joe. In the U.S. we've had the slightest taste of supply chain issues and are a bit desensitized to the problem. Some are so desensitized they haven't put away resources for a few weeks under social collapse. Consider this, life is much more difficult for the rest of the world than here in America. Who stands to fall the farthest?

  17. According to Biden there is zero inflation. No more inflation. No recession. You are not allowed to say a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

  18. All they had to do to make it look like inflation isn't happening is exclude volatile food and energy from the calculation.
    In other words just skip the things that matter the most and you can say anything is happening.

  19. Can already comment on "increased employment numbers": Some of us have had to come out of retirement out of sheer necessity.

  20. Food prices are not going down…food is being weaponized. Rich people and companies buy land… monopolists are created. Governments forbid fertilizer ….

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