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"No one's EXPECTING this!" | Gareth Soloway Bitcoin Price Prediction

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“No one’s EXPECTING this!” | Gareth Soloway Bitcoin Price Prediction

In this video, Gareth Soloway will do a new Bitcoin price prediction that can make you rich, if you take action when it happens. Chief Market Strategist, and CFO of, Gareth Soloway has been a trader for over 20 years and is now an expert on charts and new predictions.

In the Crypto Market space, is really important to know when you should buy or sell your crypto like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Gareth believes that Bitcoin will still go down now to $12.000, and even lower to $10.000 but on the long term it will go up. That’s Gareth Soloway latest bitcoin price prediction in 2022!

And he even says he bought Bitcoin and that there’s alot of opportunity right now on BTC either long or shot, so pay really close attention to his trading ideas!

If you want more trading ideas from Gareth, go to his website

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  1. The price of bitcoin now is really low can I still invest and make profits? I need a reliable broker that will help me trade my coin and make profits Any recommendations?

  2. When I look at the chart, we're going up. But when I look at the overall economic situation, I say we haven't seen the bottom yet. However, Trading has been going smooth for me. More emphasis should be put into day trading, as it less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Thanks to ALEX GOMEZ for his amazing skills for helping me earn 12 Btc from 1.9 Btc through day trading. Great TA as always>🙌🏻

  3. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock/housingmarket has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works

  4. .<Always good to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. This small rally was a fake out! It is too early to see a major rally now. I don't care about bullish or bearish market. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market 👌 trading went smooth for me implementing Vicky Mills daily trading signals and tips.


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  10. Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important

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  14. Never would have thought corona would have been the best thing ever to happen to crypto. Where will all these trillions flow into? MicroStrategies, Fidelity, more to come. Buy now or have regrets, the bitcoin and ethereum traders will take over 2022… you will only be a spectator as you have always been… Trade with Johnson Demidov, copy all his trades, use his signals and follow his teachings, that’s how to start winning.

  15. Holding some and selling some. I accumulate in one account and trade with the other. If you're going to trade BTC, I believe you should never bet the whole basket. You should at least have a plan. Thanks for the great advice as always, love his teachings and hard work, God bless my man Johnson Demidov.

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  17. Great video and some nice tips! <This is a scary time for new investors but the best thing you can do is not to make decisions based on emotions. This could actually be a good time to buy more of your crypto. Wealth is created during bear markets, not bull markets. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 4.5 btc from day trading with Johnson Demidov in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish, Stick with ETH/BTC/CRO/DOT/NEAR..

  18. I want to start investing. Is it safe to start now, or should I wait until the end of this possible correction/bear market, despite the economic crisis facing the world, is this the right time to invest in stock,Gold/crypto?

  19. Mrs Sonia The crypto Trader is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every week with her new strategy

  20. Great Content. A bear market is not a crash…the crash has not happened yet. The ups and downs are nothing new. It blows my mind how people are treating this like a buy the dip scenario. As traders we are still making good money 😀,I trade with Feven Lena, her skills set and daily signals is exceptional. I am growing my 2 btc to 7.5 btc currently.

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  22. It< makes sense, BTC and crypto is off helping to regulate, rather than pretend it won't ever happen. The big institutions getting in is the catalyst that will launch us into the stratosphere. Most people don't like change but after the change is made they grow used to it and it becomes a non issue usually because their fears never materialize. The projects that initiated the process of regulation have not been ruined, they got involved in setting guidelines and helping the regulators understand the crypto space. I’d get involved more knowing that I have made over 12 btc from day-trade with Axe William Crypto in few weeks.

  23. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish. While myself and others are trad!n without fear of making loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 13 BTC from 2.1 BTC in just April from implementing trades by with tips and info from
    Mrs Matilda Gregg.

  24. Yep, we are already too late for those coins but luckily we have some options left like Web3 Spark

  25. Lately, it’s been so rough for me trading on my own because I have had so much losses. I use to trade so well using Demo. I think the real market is manipulated. Please, can anyone help me out or tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  26. Ehhh! "The Daily Crypto" with at least 5 days old chart at (1:35). BTC already moved from 21675 down to 19250. Same old same old measured movement (4:30 ). Listen to us! Less repetition and get more new stuff. I heard most of the things like 15 times. Otherwise it's just " The daily ditto".

  27. Long term investor’s know that the market and economy will recover eventually, and investors should be positioned for such a rebound, I gained $270k from bitcoin of 2021. Before the market crash and now am buying again, adding more at a time. Having a good financial advisor like Mrs Mildred Evelyn Rooney, it will add to your success in the crypto market.

  28. The <Bitcoin price has completed several pumps and dumps movements over the past week that may confirm a new bullish expansion phase which is about to begin . Eyes are still on what happens above the current local highs, not below, even as BTC price action is up 6% in a week. We cannot predict bottoms, but it was obvious things were getting ready to go down. Why are people JUST NOW realizing the market is bearish? Extremely bearish. Point is, be patient, and just trade to build capital for when we do bottom. Don’t let these institutions destroy you. And my advice, don’t spread yourself thin with too many coins. Market moves as a whole right now, red days mean red days for almost everything, Green Days will be the same. Paper gains and losses are normal throughout the investing cycle. Continue to invest and trade, don’t panic.’.  Still love trading techniques and advice . Digital currencies continue to reshape the world globally. It's hard for anyone who is against it right now. But from a trader's point of view, I think we really need more experts in this field to give newbies a sense of how the community works. I was able to easily increase my portfolio by just  trading with Mrs Dagmar Peterson daily signals growing 1.5 BTC to 4 BTC. Her daily signals are very accurate and yield a great positive return on investment and are available to give assistance to anyone who loves crypto trading, you can contact her for inquiries and profitable trading systems on@ WhatsApp +1 (574) 227‑3271 ͲeIєɠɾαm 👉Dagmarsignal for any crypto related issues.

  29. I think it is more likely for BTC to retest the resistance to the upside and then move lower. But as always, things change on a daily basis and all we can do is to trade responsibly and keep track of the markets and re-evaluate our strategies frequently. I want to thank you Mr Ryan Donald. For being my source of crypto education, As I am comfortably making 9.5 BTC.

  30. Great update… so much FUD in the marketplace is affecting everything. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market. I am glad as a smart investor that I am putting my hard earned savings into the most better said the only transparent market there is Day Trading. I’ve accumulated over 11BTC using Chad Leon's method lately.

  31. I am infatuated by this. It's <,always fascinating to hear your augury. Thanks! I’m still pretty confused by the conflicting narratives we’re getting from gov’t bodies re: inflation. The Fed seems to have admitted defeat, and I don’t understand it. The economists I’ve been researching the thinking of lately have been saying for YEARS that poorly targeted stimulus will cause inflation, however that’s just a sign the money needed to have been better directed. The cryptocurrency was showing signs of recovery, but it was rejected near the critical resistance zone at around $22,000. Even if Bitcoin's price goes down by a lot. It will come out very strong from this recession because Bitcoin is the antidote for what caused the recession in the first place. I finally understood what bitcoin represents for the evolution of our civilization. Bitcoin is from a Higher Consciousness. In times like this where the Market seems unfavorable, i would strongly advice that any Newbie trying to get into this space needs to seize this opportunity to learn the fundamentals of crypto trading and also involve in crypto related activities to help in learning and growth. Invest Hold and trade is the key in this crypto money market. Talking about gains and profits my one year success trade career with pro trading expert Mrs. Robin Moore has been the most profitable I’ve had and she’s no doubt the best bitcoin trading platform handler or broker if I’m asked to say beginners can talk to her for help I also found out about her here on YouTube. Invest today, so you don't turn your children to retirement package. I am of the opinion of being unemotional towards the market, don’t FUD or FOMO no matter what, have in mind that the market will always present an opportunity. I do suggest trading with the help from professionals for now. Mrs. Robin Moore set to be different and unique as i have made about 13.07 BTC already from day trading with an initial 4.02 BTC by following her instructions and copying her daily trade signal to my trades. It's advisable we trade our assets to accumulate more not this hodling thing, just in a case like this that we are in dip*. It will enable you to stay up even when others are crying, you will have nothing to be bothered about because you portfolio is up while others hodlers* are down. We all should learn from our previous mistakes and start trading. You can stretch out to Mrs. Robin on ͲeIєɠɾαm @moorerobin or What'sapp ✙12132627458 for more update on how to trade and earn with her explicit trade signal ..

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