OGN Crypto Price Prediction Potentiall Bullish Trend Reversal Coin

OGN Crypto Price Prediction: Potentiall Bullish Trend Reversal | Coin Of The Week

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Today we will do an OGN crypto price prediction, ready?

Like many altcoins, the OGN cryptocurrency has been decreasing drastically for the past weeks, but it has finally bounced from a support level and we may be in for some interesting price movements to higher levels.

First off, the price bounced from a strong support line and we found out that on the daily charts, a bullish divergence has formed between the price action, the MACD, and the RSI.

00:00 Intro
0:10 Long-term support
1:45 Bullish divergences
3:00 Short-term movement
4:10 Wave count

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  1. Good token analysis for OGN. Good surge

  2. I believe OGN has a great potential. Fingers crossed!

  3. Great analysis on OGN.

  4. Ice -Fire Gaming

    Sanshu will go 1000x

  5. Thank you. Appreciate it. Could you please do a video on AnKr?

  6. Can you checkout Safuu amzing project? 14 day old project up already 1000%..

  7. We are going up 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 towards the dollar

  8. Sir pls tell me hold or sell
    I dont know english very well so i can't understand what you tell us.😑