Crypto Price Prediction

Polkadot Price Prediction: Could DOT Fall To 2020 Low Of $3.50?

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A recent report from yahoo news discusses the potential of DOT falling back down to the lows of 2020! In this video we will examine the charts to see if this is a valid price prediction!


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  1. Haven't broke $6 support yet but I'm ready to scoop up more DOT at $3.5 😂

  2. Well, given the kind of scalability and efficiency that Polkadot has, it is bound to make huge waves in the next bull cycle. I am already seeing so many crypto projects getting built on the dot chain.

  3. Great stuff! Can't wait to buy more DOT. 😀 Wish I could be on the videos every day again. Just got a new job and am in training all day. I'll be back in as soon as I can. Peace! 😀

  4. Polkadot would make better changes soon, I don't think it would fall that way as seen on gateio exchange signal polkadot would be bullish soon

  5. It's nice to wait for a new Bitcoin ATH at 30% per month with Cross Staking

  6. Why do you follow the schedule and get nervous if you can start staking in Cross Staking ?

  7. Guys, if you have ETH, I advise everyone to start staking it with an Cross Staking provider.

  8. Why are you even discussing which coins to keep for a long time? Are you even aware of Cross Staking ?

  9. What's the point of just keeping the coins? Use Cross Staking for passive income.

  10. I missed DOT the last bull run. I'm definitely planning to scoop some up soon, however. 🙂

  11. Great video. I sold my dot in voyager right before they paused withdraws at 7.50 Looking to buy back in and this video was super helpful

  12. Can you guys do a video on KADENA? Ive done some research and have come to the conclusion this coin will eat a huge market if not all from ETH and the rest of the proof of stake coins

  13. Elon Musk said that with his personal holding in Bitcoin,he is financially affected when the price drops, holding of cryptocurrencies isn't trading you might end up losing your funds📊📊📊

  14. TVK will be 1$ by December
    Kadena lists on Coinbase soon
    High. BenQi. KDA. TVK. MoonRiver. ENJ. Potential best movers

  15. Appreciate that Tim. Great to see how much you have developed over past 12 months bro 👏🏼

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