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Portfolio Update – Revealing My ENTIRE Multi-Million Dollar Crypto Portfolio

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It’s time to update the BitSquad on BitBoy’s portfolio and show the allocation of all the assets. This isn’t just a crypto portfolio, as it now contains real estate, a Lambo, staking pools, and MORE. In today’s video, Ben will walk you through the EXACT dollar amount of every crypto asset we hold, as well as our physical investments. Find out which tokens we’ve sold, and which ones we’re betting the most on. Stay tuned to see where we have our money parked in regards to the Metaverse and NFTs!

Portfolio Snapshot:

0:00 Intro
0:21 Lambo and real estate
1:07 Crypto portfolio
5:40 Tokens we sold
6:59 Investing philosophies (Balanced portfolio)
8:15 Staking pools
8:46 Metaverse investments
9:05 NFTs investments

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  1. wondering if yall liquidated your 83k Cel tokens? and your 788 Luna, hoping you did not buy any more 😛

  2. I am committed and excited about building an abundant portfolio for my family’s life and longevity. I’m the man who is grateful to get it done at all times.
    Thank you for sharing this message today Bitboy!

  3. for everyone's favorite: Elrond. really cool 😎 he said this. EGLD to the moon 🇷🇴

  4. Before it was a multi-million crypto portfolio. Now it's just a multi crypto portfolio.

  5. No shiba bone 🍖 or leash??? Or zinu?? Buy 5k of each token total cost 20k plus gas

  6. BIG PP, love what you guys are doing keep pushing us to work harder maybe one day I can also get at least 0.5% of what you guys made so far, KEEP IT UP

  7. Hahaha this guys is only cutting gems & you guys R still buying his shit😂😂 cutting $kda & $vet is stupid asf

  8. Personally, holding 20 coins is too much. It's hard to become an expert, as you put it, in that many projects and to keep an eye on what's going on.

  9. It would be better you show us your exchange and exactly we will see it.

    Oh I have a million of SOL and a 2 million AVAX would not work like that

  10. Very interesting content, i would also be glad if anyone here can explain a few things for me, this is 2022 and I believe it's my time to invest and shine for a better future💯💯

  11. This was a dope video. Gave me some confirmation on the coins I’m in and also some I should check out. I noticed ALGO wasn’t on your Portfolio PDF from the link or did I miss that?

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