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  1. Guy is just an Ethereum hater. If you look at what is built on it you understand it will only keep growing

  2. Sometimes I watch Ethereum, I don't like its price movements. That's why I use Crypton.

  3. There are 1000 “better” L1’s.

    Any one of them may outperform eth, but doesn’t really mean much. First mover, network is massive.

    I’ll look into your shitcoin I guess. Could be something. But I have 100 on my board. All very promising. All have their fan boys

    Most likely though, shiny new shit built in the bear will probably have the most upside potential

  4. I bet this guy lives at home with civilian neon hat 🧢 dress 👗 sense ….

  5. I was thinking how eth as a base layer never gets hacked but what's built on it gets hacked very often 🤔.

  6. Why BTC did not lose its competitive advantage to more scalable and more fast chains. It remained top dog despite its shortcomings. Its because of network effect. The same thing will happen to Ethereum. It will remain top dog of smart contract chain because of network effect and use base. Why its expensive to use it because of its massive usage. Other chains are cheap bcoz nobody is using it.

  7. I do agree that ETH was not designed to take over. You can't have the first of something to be the one and only forever. It's a technology and can be replaced. Still am not doubting that ETH is going to stay for a while. It's that thing about human nature. They tend to stick to the most common/known service/brand. Especially ETH being one of the oldest and got big money pushing it's name to the top. Can't just knock it down easily. It will happen eventually since the blockchain technology in its early stage.

  8. You’re an idiot OP…. If you think all the investments and dev’s continued work on building out ETH eco system. Why the hell would I listen to this no coiner as apposed to hedge funds and developers as opposed to you, ya schmuck?

  9. You made no mention of ethereum layer 2 scaling on optimism, arbitrum and starkware eth2 which have composable options and perpetuals, fast cheap and secure

  10. Imagine you had $100,000 and you lived in the Third World with no prospects of job, inheritance or anything other than that $100,000 to maintain you and your loved ones your entire life… you have 5 investment choices only… limited by your birth, education and circumstances (like most of us). The 5 realistic and credible global choices are, BTC, ETH, ADA, Gold or leave it as Cash…. You and your Loved Ones Live or Die by your decision/choice…. I’ll go first… Gold, Cash, ADA, ETH, BTC…. The first 3 were easy, the last 2 could go either way…. I just reversed the order of most likely to fail…. Any comments?

  11. I don’t understand why people don’t bail on Ethereum, it’s like a Nokia against an iPhone

  12. The reason it feels worse is none of the things that Ryan said. The reason it feels worse is because it was just at 4k. Simple as that.

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