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  1. Do you know people like us can’t stake ether?? You are just hyping the coin. Most probably these fkers whales will sell after merge. Be careful.

  2. Lol your logic and math are so infantile it is nearly cute. The milennials and gen Z net worth is like what? Also as previous comments already said it will become deflationary and so on… In the conclusion you are right this is the future and the ETH will grow (I Think) but the reasons are different.

  3. Hypothesis: Baby boomers and Gen X, you know ‘the ones who have all the money’ are more likely to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    The kids prefer to invest their chump change into Dogecoin and similar scams.
    Not my thoughts of course, merely Devil’s advocate

  4. I think you missed a couple of things. One is that after the switch to proof of stake ETH will become deflationary. That could have a big effect on market cap and price. The other thing is that the upcoming release doesn't actually do anything to lower gas fees. That comes in a later version. I guess it would technically still be part of ETH 2.0, but it's a little misleading the way you said it. I'm totally on board with those price predictions though, they seem possible. A major recession could delay price changes, but we'll get there eventually.

  5. Or possibly $10, as miners lose interest, others lose interest, and it no longer gets talked about as a majority of the participation in the Ethereum echo system gets fazed out.

  6. Can you do a video on the price of lunc when they put it on the block chain like you did with shib I heard they will burn lunc down to 10billion then stop thx

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