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Ripple XRP | How Realistic Is The $100 XRP Price Prediction?

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  2. If BTC can go up to 68k without any utility function or use, what do you think the value of XRP will be?

  3. A $100 XRP is not financially sustainable, it has to run for a very long time like our current global financial system.
    Five or six digits at the least

  4. Some experts predict that Crap 💩 XRshiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt will skyrocket $0.5 to $1 by year 2030 ……

  5. So much shameless pumping here. I’ve seen these XRP videos on here since XRP was $1.50… and look at it now. Hundreds of videos of XRP to the moon, and it goes down to Pennies. There’s no way XRP would even go to $3, because people like you would be dumping their bags. Bag dumping = XRP worth Pennies.

  6. Come on Nick. $10 would be a milestone let alone $100. What would be the cap on xrp at 100. Xrp will be destroyed if it becomes a speculative monster like btc. No one in the grown up business world wants the complicated accounting nightmare using a token that gyrates. They need to make it stable

  7. Regarding your question about 1.x trillion dollar volume / day much? Since the recent announcement from the Federal Reserve with the FedNow system in beta testing coming online moving this volume using XRP would be logical, and since the current system moves over a trillion dollars daily anyways this move is also probable.

  8. .. Mrs Alice is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy….,,

  9. We have to explain this correctly to people so they’ll understand. Ripple is the company will ripple ever reach $10 trillion in value or $100 trillion in value probably not because that’s because their value is going to be based on their stock when they go public, which they’re already selling some right now And no company has ever been that high so will ripple maybe maybe not. XRP is totally different. It’s basically money it’s going to be used as a currency around the world just like the American dollar is there a $20 trillion in cash out there American yes there is is there $100 trillion. Yes, there is XRP is going to be used as a cash and it’s totally separate from ripple the company. XRP can go to 100 trillion in cash to be used around the world that doesn’t mean that ripple. The company is worth $100 trillion. It’s two separate things stock for ripple cash XRP.

  10. My whole life changed with the help of acclaimbanking website they funded my bank account with a transfers of over $6000

  11. My whole life changed with the help of acclaimbanking website they funded my bank account with a transfers of over $6000

  12. Another Crap Talk this channel .They are giving all Fake News ..When gold is Marked by the Fed , it hardly moved ..So when Fed marked the XRP , it will hardly moved ..You need Russia , Cgina to start revolutions ..Sh_t staffs .

  13. Looking for a new stock or Cryptocurrency to invest in. Short or long term Gains. i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $3.5M within 4months of investing $450k.

  14. Why couldn’t you encapsulate XRP in groups of 1000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 million thereby creating even a faster transfer rate?

  15. Everyone, pleeeease unwrap your heads around MC. Until you do, you won’t get it. IT DOES NOT APPLY. Not for any liquidity asset.

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