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"WHY I'm Moving My Crypto Investments" | Kevin O'Leary Latest Crypto Update On Bitcoin & Ethereum

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“WHY I’m Moving My Crypto Investments” | Kevin O’Leary Latest Crypto Update On Bitcoin & Ethereum

Kevin O’Leary says FTX crypto fallout will NOT kill crypto but the contagion and run on effects will come and are yet to be seen. In his latest interview with Coindesk, Kevin O’Leary speaks on his conversations with Sam Bankman Fried during the FTX blowup, as he was in contact with the entire management team, being a shareholder and paid spokesperson.

O’Leary speaks on how sovereign wealth funds were just hours away from potentially acquiring FTX & plugging their $8 Billion Dollar hole before regulators and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler signalled they would come down hard on the platform, scaring all potential investors away.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video, where O’Leary speaks on why despite this entire situation, he is still extremely bullish on the asset class and this is the moment investors should start thinking about layering in.

Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary, nicknamed “Mr. Wonderful”, is a Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, author, politician, and television presenter. From 2004 to 2014, he appeared on various Canadian television shows, including the business news programmes SqueezePlay and The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, as well as the reality television shows Dragons’ Den and Redemption Inc. In 2008, he appeared on Discovery Channel’s Project Earth. Since 2009, he has appeared on Shark Tank, the American version of Dragons’ Den.

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Kevin O’Leary: FTX Fallout ‘Does Not Kill Crypto’


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  1. Sometimes I really wondered how people make this huge profits investing on the stock market online, I agreed with you investing and earning is a legitimate way to gain financial freedom, but how is it done?

  2. This is good news, but after the collapse of the market will be more reliable to invest and earn only on Crypton cryptocurrency.

  3. If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake. I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to build generational wealth, and cultivate financial knowledge, you must be in the market.

  4. During the world global pandemic lockdown (covid-19) Everyone realized the importance of having multiple stream of income, unfortunately having a nice paying job doesn't mean you are financially secured anymore. We all need to put in an extra income earning chance like Investment.

  5. I am from Spain, my friend in Texas referred me to this channel you make a lot of sense but I do not understand anything until she referred me to a financial counselor in USA that help me to craft my portfolio and over a year we have been working together making consistent profit enough to get me a new apartment and care for parents.

  6. "An American running it", that living in the Bahamas where the business is located! Leary is a FN dipshit. Is he smart enough to to make the wealth he has or was he just stupid that got lucky because someone in his position should have done enough research to have some red flags go up. Don't ever listen to these clowns, they lose far more than they would ever admit and this Leary has to save face because it's so public.

  7. $ 14,000 weekly profit irrespective of the economy downturn,crypto investment has brought me great achievement in life.❤️❤️

  8. I am shocked that Kevin got involved so deeply, both on paid sponsorship, having corporate accounts, and being a shareholder without doing proper research and business diligence.
    FTX had no accountant, poor record keeping, and no business structure!
    So what did Kevin see? Was he captivated by the haze of perceved success? Was everything taken on casual face value?

  9. << Great video! I really do have a question. For someone with less than $10,000 to invest, how would you recommend we enter the crypto market? I am looking at studying some traders and copying their strategy rather than investing myself and losing money emotionally. What’s your take on this approach?

  10. I don't know how anyone can believe anything O'Leary says after expressing that he'd back SBF again. He's clearly in deep in that crooked FTX ecosystem if he's still defending a ponzi scheme.

  11. * l हमेशा के लिए आपका ऋणी रहेगा, आपने मेरा पूरा जीवन बदल दिया है और l दुनिया के लिए आपके नाम पर प्रचार करना जारी रखेगा। यह सुनकर कि आप मुझे थोड़े से निवेश के साथ बड़े वित्तीय ऋण से बचाते हैं, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सोफिया

  12. He has been demanding regulation long before FTX collapse and always for the same reasons he expose in this video. I don't know why he invested in a company like that.

  13. Despite the market crash, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started stock and crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio

    Thanks so much Mrs. Allyson Berthelot

  14. Crypto finished….don't live in illusion and deception played / still playing by puppets ….

  15. We appreciate your updates. I was in a meeting just before watching this video & I said allot of the same things as you mentioned, like while everyone else is crying I am buying the blood because down here is where the real money is made. I have learnt so much from you mate Thank You so much! My investment manager Mrs. Robin Moore always says a good trade is not necessarily a profitable trade and a profitable trade does not mean it was a good trade. So long as you have a good system, and you stick to your playbook, then the odds will take care of themselves. The process is what counts. We learn more from our mistakes than from our wins anyway. My investment Coach Mrs. Robin Moore is still the ONLY one I trust. As far as trading crypto assets is concerned, i have been able to day trade and earn over $240k from my initial $37k investment worth of bitcoin assets in space of weeks trading with her daily trade signal and tips..

  16. it's only serious because a bunch of rich mostly Democrats and elitists lost a crapload of money.

  17. O’Leary is delusional and taking the wrong angle on this. he is praising a fraudster! I dont care how “smart” he is. The millions you spent on the site clearly went nowhere. And perhaps you shouldn’t trust him because he is an American!!

  18. Malgré le ralentissement de la cryptographie, je vous remercie toujours pour vos judicieux conseils financiers. J'ai commencé à investir dans le forex et la crypto-monnaie avec 4 345 $ et après vous avoir suivi pendant quelques semaines, j'ai 18 539 $ dans mon portefeuille. Merci Monsieur Journal Mark😃


  20. I keep hearing this drumbeat of "regulation for crypto is good, regulation for crypto is good". No, not if it makes everything centralized. These regulators do not understand crypto. Centralization is what caused this whole mess, and the regulators are just going to make things worse by making crypto a lot more centralized and preventing people from using dexes.

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