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<Rabbit Vs. Zombies> Accelerate, Reward Multiplied!

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Since the launch of <Rabbit Vs. Zombies>, the community has actively participated and provided a lot of good suggestions. In order to respond to the community, we are going to make adjustments listed below.

1. Acceleration of level up

The experience value obtained from the battle victory reward against zombies is doubled, and you will get a faster level up.

The updated experience value reward is now,

2. Reward multiplied

The block rewards from the Gathering pool are multiplied.

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1640850881 928 ltRabbit Vs Zombiesgt Accelerate Reward Multiplied!

3. Value of NFT card increased

The winning rate of NFT cards for opening the blind box is updated, and the difficulty of obtaining high rarity cards is increased after the update, which will increase the value of Rabbit Hero NFT. The winning rate after the update is.

1640850882 221 ltRabbit Vs Zombiesgt Accelerate Reward Multiplied!

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