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League of Empires: Battle, Conquer, Build the Ultimate Empire

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Hello, Seedify Community!

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to League of Empires, a Seedify Incubation Project. Please join us to learn all about the game and its upcoming private sale and IGO on the Seedify Launchpad on April 24th and 25th, respectively.

League of Empires

League of Empires is an exciting massive multiplayer, real-time strategy war game where players will be able to build, train armies, strategize and conquer lands. The first true MMORTS game built on blockchain, League of Empires will offer immersive, 3D gameplay, ownership of in-game assets and opportunities for players to earn through their gameplay. The game focuses on an exciting real-time gaming experience, where earning rewards is a by-product of fun, engaging gameplay.

Game and Gameplay

To begin playing League of Empires, players will need to acquire land. Central to everything in the game, the land, which is in the form of islands in the League of Empires metaverse, is where gamers will be able to gather resources, build structures, store treasures and set up their headquarters. Players will be able to build weapons factories and academies to train their troops, increasing their level and economic standing, in turn gaining access to higher in-game rewards based on the game’s leveling system.

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Once players have assembled and trained their army, they’ll be able to begin engaging in PVE or AI gameplay to test their troops and strategies while earning EXP points and in-game resources. When they’re ready, gamers will be able to begin participating in PVP battles, invading and conquering other players’ lands, building strategic/diplomatic alliances with other gamers and deploying a strategy to achieve their true goal in the game, building the ultimate empire.

In gameplay, the strategy will be the most important component in any successful endeavor. While clashing in epic real-time combat, players will be in control of thousands of troops, along with artillery and spellcasting, and will need to strategize to outmaneuver their opponent’s defense and attack methods in real-time.

A player’s troop composition, level of training, positioning of troops and artillery on the battlefield, along with skills and the ability to anticipate, dodge, attack, and defend, will all play large roles in the outcome of a battle. Players will earn rewards such as resources, currency, unlocks and access to new game features.


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Armies are made up of militia, pikemen, cavalry, archers and grenadiers, with each unit featuring unique strengths and utility in different combat situations.


League of Empires uses NFT technology, giving gamers the ability to own their in-game assets with provable ownership and scarcity. Lands, Artillery, Artillery Factories, War Academies, and Leagues will all be NFTs minted on the blockchain and will consist of different tiers and rarity levels.


The game will feature two types of lands, Type A (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3), which is an NFT asset, where players will build their base, towns and training grounds, and Type B, which is generated in the game and can be captured by other players through battle. If a player captures ten Type B lands, the 11th one will automatically become a Type A NFT asset, which they’ll be able to utilize in the game or sell on the marketplace.

Landowners who don’t have the available time to play the game will be able to rent out their land to other players who may not have the means to purchase land themselves, giving owners the ability to earn passive income from their assets.

Gamers will be able to construct and upgrade various buildings on their land, to aid their gameplay strategies and build their empire. Buildings or structures include Army Camps to house troops, Barracks for training troops, and Garrison to protect the kingdom from attacks. In the Alliance Camp, players will be able to request reinforcement troops from other alliance members. The Armory will be used to level up troops, while the Medic Center will be used to heal troops. Players will be able to set up Farms and Gold Mines, to produce vital resources required to upgrade their army and build up their kingdom, along with storage facilities (Gold Vault and Food Reserve) to house and protect a portion of these resources from attacks by other players.

The Town Center is the most important building in the empire and will function to unlock upgrades and new building types.

Players will be able to raise Shields over their lands to protect them from raids and attacks. Raided or looted lands will automatically have a shield raised over them for a set amount of time.


Artillery is the weapons gamers will be able to deploy and utilize on the battlefield to increase their chances of success in combat and their ability to earn higher rewards. League of Empires features 10 different artillery pieces, each serving a unique purpose or function in battle. Weapons include; a Standard Catapult, Fire Catapult, Ballista, 3-cupped Catapult, 3-cupped Fireball Catapult, Scorpion, Flame Thrower, 3-scale Ballista, Shrapnel Catapult and Destroyer Tower.

Artillery Factories

Artillery Factories will be used to mint weapons, which can be used in the game or sold on the in-game marketplace. League of Empires will include three different types of artillery factories. The factory type will determine the type of artillery pieces the factory can produce, along with the number of resources and time required to produce them. The game’s native token will be needed to mint NFTs. Players will be able to speed up the production process by using diamonds, a non-crypto in-game currency.

Once players own a certain amount and types of resources and achieve a certain level in the game, they’ll be able to build their own artillery factory on their land.

War Academies

Players will be able to use the war academy (3 types) to accelerate the level-up process of their troops. While participating in gameplay and winning battles will increase the level of a gamer’s troops, this process is slow and limited. By training troops using the war academy, players will be able to gain a competitive advantage over other participants and expedite the process of reaching the levels required to participate in leagues and gain access to higher rewards opportunities.


League of Empires Battle Conquer Build the Ultimate Empire

League of Empires will feature seven different levels of leagues; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, Masters, Champions and Legends (in ascending order). Participating in a league will give gamers access to the best earnings and rewards opportunities, along with modes, tournaments and items that only league members can access. Players will be able to advance to different leagues by leveling up through earning Victory Points. League owners will receive a portion of the rewards earned by their members, with the type of league determining the percentage they receive.

Level System

The game’s level system will play a significant role in a player’s access to rewards through gameplay activity. Land, artillery, war academies, artillery factories and troops, along with other structures each will have levels. The level ranking starts at 1 and goes to 60, with power, precision, agility, endurance and health increasing with each level.

As players advance through the levels, they’ll gain access to higher earnings, along with new modes, features, and opportunities to participate in different leagues, resulting in a fun, rewarding gaming experience.

Modes and Earning Opportunities

The game will offer players various gameplay modes and opportunities to earn through participation in the game. Gamers will be able to use AI mode to test their troops’ training and different strategies, earning EXP and in-game resources, before deploying their approach and methods in PVP mode, to attack other players’ land and assets.

By forming Strategic Alliances with other players through diplomacy and collaborations, gamers will be able to utilize a support system and gain access to alliance-only tournaments.

A player’s ultimate goal will be to play in a League. Players will need to reach a league’s level and resources requirements in order to join, having the ability to advance and level up to higher tier leagues by earning Victory Points (VP) to access higher levels of rewards and earning opportunities.

In Raid and Capture mode, gamers will be able to choose to raid or capture an opponent’s land. During a raid, if a player wins the battle, they’ll loot some of their opponents’ treasure. In capture mode, if a player’s attack is successful, and they win the battle; they gain VP and capture the losing player’s Type 2 land.

Along with daily rewards for PVE, PVP, quests, leagues, events and tournament battles, top gamers will be able to earn monthly leaderboard prizes through league participation.

Participants will also be able to mint and sell various NFTs on the in-game marketplace. Minting in-game assets will require $LOE, the game’s native currency.

Crystals and Diamonds

  • Crystals are a free in-game currency that players will acquire by completing tasks and achieving certain milestones. This currency will be required to perform various in-game actions and will be earned over time, even when a player is not active in the game.
  • Diamonds are a premium in-game currency, also earned by performing tasks and achieving milestones. The tokens will be used to perform various functions during gameplay.


$LOE is the economic life force in the League of Empires metaverse ecosystem and functions as both a utility and governance token.

The $LOE token will be used for in-game marketplace transactions, minting NFTs and buying diamond packs, along with in-game activities. Players will earn $LOE through NFT staking, renting assets, and participation in League of Empires gameplay, such as tournaments, league battles, quests, etc. $LOE token holders will be able to participate in governance activities and help shape the future of the game’s development and ecosystem.

Private Sale and IGO Facts

Now let’s take a look at the League of Empires private sale and IGO details to learn how SFUND token holders can buy $LOE tokens on the Seedify Launchpad before they’re listed on the public market.

  • Name: $LOE
  • Token Type: BNB Chain
  • Total supply: 300.000.000
  • Initial Mcap: $390K
  • Listing price: $0.10

Private Sale

  • Private Sale Date: April 24
  • Allocation: $200K (including 5% success fee)
  • Private Sale Price: $0.08
  • Private Sale Vesting: 7% at TGE. 3 months cliff and then Linear vesting over the period of 12 months.


  • IGO Date: April 25
  • Allocation: $400K (including 5% success fee)
  • IGO Price: $0.10
  • Vesting: 20% at TGE. Linear vesting over 6 months.

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In summary: Blockchain game projects can realize the initial offerings of their tokens on the Seedify platform. This enables blockchain game project owners to enjoy the advantages of the Seedify platform, while investors are able to access and invest in projects without any middleman.

First of all, you need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Here, you can find a comprehensive guide for each and every step of the KYC verification process. After completing your KYC, follow this link.

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