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  1. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." __Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. Sadly Qatar still does'nt allow crypto. Its actually its illegal here. I cant buy more CRO using my credit cards and bank cards. I used to buy a year ago but now I cant anymore. 😢

  3. The downside for the timing is that if the global markets floor falls dramatically, all the new exposure will leave a bad taste. For those of us anticipating this, we'll load up and enjoy the next golden bull ascension.

  4. regarding ball of fortune, we just need to sign up and buy and hold 100$ CRO for the entirety of the event right?

  5. There is fine line between positivity, Delusion & Reality .Oscar my friend, you just crossed into Delusion. One of the fifa sponsors there are 100s in the list !

  6. HODL the Holy Bible. Put Christ first and everything else will fall into place. Jesus Christ loves you and has a plan for your life.

  7. I think people are beginning to see the huge potential of CRO and this exchange. Kick off!!!! The rest will be history!!! $5 soon

  8. Dont expect a huge boost in price, I see a lot of people selling early. HODL CRO it will be huge one day.

  9. Heyyyy
    Wish i knew you sooner. Nice content and the same opinion like mine
    4 billion ppl will see the worldcup. Imagine these quatar trillionaires see algo at these prices

  10. Hey Oscar, I've been pretty critical about CRO, but I really appreciate it the fair discussion about crypto and blockchains involved in the World cup really good!

  11. 5 BILLION PEOPLE WATCHING the World Cup! Sign up 1 percent of viewers and that’s 50 MILLION new CRO holders.

  12. Personally this world cup thing won't save anything. Small bull trap pump, then dump as usual. Nothing gonna change yet until all current world leaders are replaced especially dictator PoopooPutin dictator Trudeau and the senile in the Whitehouse. Governments and Ponzi criminal thieving crypto exchanges, completely crushed investor confidence. And I'm actually a CRO fan, but I don't have much faith in crypto in general anymore. Stay cautious, don't go all in on any of this digital thin air currency, don't ever fully take in all these crypto YouTubers b.s hype pumping advice and your much safer/better off getting into physical assets like precious metals and real estate! ✌️

  13. Nothing is going to happen the economy is bad everywhere.. high food..high gas.. high inflation people are pulling their investment to survive. Be real to yourself!

  14. logic says cro will go up a day before or and a day after the world cup starts, chances are a lot people ( like me ) will be moving part of the lunch to cro .( personal opinion ) I had cro went they went up to 70 so why not ?

  15. I'll stick by what I said. Will go up 3 cents tops and dump back down. Don't know why you keep hyping coins in bear market… a God awful market.

  16. Sadly the world cup is being heavily demonised in a lot of countries because of Qatar human rights record, wish CRO got Champions League instead but they pulled out ;( Still though… BULLISH on CRO

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