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Best investment for advertisers, that is. For a low price of 9000 USD, you can spam all people who use the BSC.
Cryptocurrecy is for everyone.

Shitcoin Detective is an independent crypto channel, that is created to contrast:
-Scammers, who rugpull a hundred tokens from under your feet
-Finfluencers, who drop their bag on you
-Telegram channels whith “No FUD” policy
-Developers, who cash out when their coin moons, without delivering on any of the promises
-Youtube channels, who only make content to shill tokens

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Twitter: @ShitcoinDetect1

BSC Donation wallet: 0x129Fa05c3947FA2501f19FBD3ebFA61d4c2710E0
Harmony Donation wallet: 0x129Fa05c3947FA2501f19FBD3ebFA61d4c2710E0

NTFs for sale, created by me:
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Cheapest NFT with current price is only 2.5 USD!

I never ask for your money, or to invest into something.
Be aware that scammers have tried to impersonate me.


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  1. 4:29 I'm a noob and don't know anything but to get rid of it, my suggestion is, you must somehow softdelete infected address aka move public and private keys to 'not important' wallet. And once in some time check valuable UTXOs in 'not important' wallet and transfer them to clean wallet.