Bitcoin Rants #241 – Psychopath Milkshake Theory / Forint / Microstrategy / Fedcoin / Losing Face

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Time Codes
0:00 Budapest
0:58 Vacation Rants
1:35 Talk about the price!
2:05 The Forint lost over 25% to the $ last year
2:45 Energy situation here / inflation
6:45 Bitcoin *is* the only thing that matters right now
7:50 The “soft” pivot
8:40 Everyone’s in cash waiting for the FED to officially pivot
9:25 Government’s intervened at the top
10:50 Preston Pysh putting 30% cash in BTC
11:55 Is the CCP mining?
12:50 Kudos to Preston for being transparent
13:05 Foss getting exposed as a thirsty, humble bragger
14:40 I’ve tried to be as transparent as I can
15:55 I’m still DCAing
16:25 Microstrategy becoming a Bitcoin company
17:20 Microstrategy is to Apple, as El Salvador is to America
20:05 Parker Lewis on Max & Stacy
21:50 Anyone passionate about politics is short Bitcoin
24:30 Russian lady on Saifadean’s podcast
25:50 Bitcoin is looking good compared to most currencies
26:30 Most countries are becoming “emerging” markets
27:20 America copying the CCP
28:00 Governments are miscalculating psychopaths
28:55 We have our own psychopath
29:25 Losing face
31:40 Bitcoin is holding up well
32:15 Bitcoin and shitcoins synchronized
32:55 Where’s the new shitcoin narrative
34:05 How many billions do the algos hold?
35;20 Sam Callahan on Preston Pysh
35:50 Do Kwan and Cypto Lark
37:00 Swan buys Spector
38:10 Brent Johnson
39:40 Psychopath Milkshake Theory
44:35 What’s up with Saylor’s twitter account

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  1. I like the stock-to-fomo hypothesis I can imagine a moment where there is a mass penny drop moment. Have you seen the new nuclear SMRs? Imagine a hash war scenario powered by Rolls Royce SMRs!

  2. They are all talking like the Fed will announce an official “pivot” for them to ape into. They can’t raise rates enough to offset inflation without more QE. That’s all that matters

    QE= financial repression

  3. Hey man. Nice to see you're Budapest. I am in Hungary too. I sold all my shit in the Netherlands, and bought a little home and a big ass garden in th le south/west a place called Felsoszentmarton. I really like it. Freedom at last.

  4. Sorry to say this but the audio here was pretty bad… Bring back the good microphone and the outdoors!

  5. sad about the Saylor tweets, they are pretty corny. Safe travels to you and yours!

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