Clear Cryptos is Trash. Let's chat.

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Clear Cryptos is just another Shit Coin money grab. Prove me wrong.
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  1. Clear cryptos is the stupidest fcn project ive seen in a while. I hope they do a 2000eth presale so we can see if there truly is belief in the project

  2. It’s like all you influencer will eventually have to get a 9 to 5. The market is trash and will remain trash.

  3. It looks like these projects are lowkey trying to turn influencers against each other I remember everything was good between ya…I feel like crypto influencers shouldn't join projects as a team member and should stay crypto influencers makes it look like a shill…Ya guys were always looking out for the little guy and hopefully ya will stay true and continue to do so even if ya decide to join a team…Ya saved me from shit projects and now I only invest in blue chip tokens…Hopefully ya guys get it worked out…it seems these projects are tearing ya apart from the outside and now from the inside….Be careful out here it's looking spooky…

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