Crypto News TODAY👆 Coinbase says NOPE | BTC Lightening | 3AC insolvency

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👉Crypto News Today 2022
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Its hard to keep on top of Cryptocurrency News, That’s why I started this series. Everyday we all wake up and check what happened on our phone while we slept.

This is my way of keeping updated on Cryptocurrency News in 2022 and you guys can join me!

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I am a community content creator & I love Solana.

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Coinbase Rejects SEC’s Decision
03:08 Lightening on BTC reaches ATH
04:55 Boston consulting Group says Crypto will reach 1 bill people by 2030
08:50 California Bill to allow for crypto donatiosn ot politicians
11:05 3AC comes out and says they were LEVERAGED because SUPERCYCLE
14:45 Shiba INU (shitcoin) rose a little because of a metaverse


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  1. Leverage has destroyed many way before crypto showed up… You would think people would learn but new actors always think their smarter than the ones that came before them. People really need to stop being greedy and using leverage. Leverage is the hedge fund model but you have to know what you are doing. Yes I traded bitcoin on 25x leverage back in February and made over 200k in one day but I got lucky and I understand price action. Bitcoin just happened to pop on that day but I would never go that high again. Bulls make money, bears make money… Pigs get slaughtered!

  2. why must candidates immediately convert crypto donations into fiat currency? that statement sent me from a 0 to a 11/10 rage. Great video as always tho, much appreciated. =)

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