EP48: The Brendo and Daz Show

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Brendo doesn’t have many good ideas, but every now and then he surprises us all. I hope you enjoy the intro.

He appears on podcasts more often than Nic Carter shills a shitcoin, but since Brendo was eating his steak (not a euphemism) it seemed only fair that we have @dazbea1 back on to tell us where we’re going wrong in life.

Strangely though, for a Queenslander, the more you dig with Daz the more interesting he becomes…and it turns out…Brendo can sing, so it really just begs the question, what exactly do I offer the plebs. You judge. I know you will, and I love you for it bitcoiner.

We cover:

– Growing weed or Bitcoin mining. Which will be the most illegal
– My Bitcoin back story
– Watching our heroes fall, and the maxi pile-on

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– Bitcoin education and the ladder to self-sovereignty
– DINO (Decentralised in Name Only)
– Normies will resonate with different voices
– Clothes pegs, wicker chairs and fat fingers
– The Brisket system…the rainy-day fiat
– Yield in Bitcoin
– Fountain
– Value for Value
– Mining at home
– Apologies for the sound at my end. All my fault.

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