First Look at Algorand Crypto Hesab Pay Being Used In Afghanistan

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In this video, we are giving our first look at Algorand’s Hesab Pay service, which allows Afghan civilians to securely and easily send and receive money online.

Algorand’s Hesab Pay service is the latest innovation in the global remittance industry, and it is already making a positive impact on the lives of Afghan civilians. By allowing them to send and receive money easily and securely, Hesab Pay is helping to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for Afghan citizens. But is it all it claims to be on the surface?

Breifing – 0:00
Algorand Hesab Pay – 0:45
Hesab Pay Demonstration – 3:05
Pro’s and Con’s – 5:50

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  1. You just done forgot all about fetch ai. That’s why I’m buying the coins no one’s talking about with real world value

  2. Its just like foodstamps in the U.S..
    totalitarian is what u looking for correct.🤔🤔🤔 very interesting

  3. You are on to something. ALGO is deep in the Middle East. Qatar, UAE, Dubai……. It’s where the wealth is and it’s getting deeper and deeper. But I’ve been to Afghanistan and there is more going on there.

  4. I think for me it's all about having equal opportunities. Also giving people access to what's going on in the crypto world 🌎

  5. I see your point, but you're talking about a strict Muslim country, so this probably doesn't seem like an issue to natives. Now if it were, UK, US, Japan or Australia, then I would probably be a little worried. We are on the outside looking in. Might not be as bad as you think. You're looking at it through American eyes.

  6. I don't believe these technologies to be made for good nor evil. It's simply the idea of innovation to solve a problem.

    The real issue here is how that technology is being implemented to the general population.

    Considering that the Afghani people are currently under a totalitarian regime, this is unfortunately a possible side effect of such.

  7. It's very rare that no one does something for nothing so take that into consideration that is a rare person or entity I have my doubts that algorand is that benevolent

  8. In 20yrs, it will be impossible to employ the population. People will either be provided with subsidence (which if given by my Gov't that portion should be programable). programmable..

  9. It any state or government turns to algorand and say I want to use your network and this is how I want it to work. It’s not for algorand to tell them hey that seems totalitarian we are not going to do it. That’s my opinion

  10. The American Public has forgotten WE are supposed to be the Government… we are supposed to. Be Governed by Principles, …. not joining a team and following along.

  11. Authoritarian to the West.. but to the 80% of the world who can't participate it's Revolutionary..

    You'll get it when in 4 years some Aborigine with no shoes, getting water out of creek, becomes a gazillionare day trader

  12. I agree with the way it comes across as far as how the money is distributed however that’s not algorand who is dictating how to distribute the funds. Algorand is just the network being used

  13. Totalitarian for sure. I hate to be that guy but I've always believed crypto to be the core of the one world cashless society. It will bring in digital IDs, carbon credits, programmable money, social credit scores, etc. I invest in crypto to get ahead of the curve but I personally think the future is going to be quite authoritarian. FedNow has already advertised that it can pay people instantly to help in case of a crisis. A war here and there, supply change breakdown, global economic depression, etc could be the crises that quickly lead to billions of people using similar systems and thus giving all control to the powers that be. Sadly, I think that is the plan.

  14. This is how the west wil crush rebellion and control masses in the third word… No way this was made with good intention. And give controle to the people. they could have said 35% dedicaded to specific places for food, water and necessiris and the rest is discretionnary with no way for no one to block or spy. but they didnt that says alot. DTHIS IS DANGEROUS FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  15. O yeah those people look really thrilled to be test subjects for some big tech company rolling into the naborhood 😆 idk they probably just seem uncomfortable because of the cameras. Would be nice to see some interviews or something with the people using the apps and tech

  16. Great man thanks, this is how it will be everywhere, they start in the poor countries as a test, when they bankrupt the rest of the world they will roll it out there too

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