How to Protect Your Crypto From Hacks [ The Definitive Guide ]

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How to avoid security risks, protect your private key and seed phrases, and more in this crypto safety guide.

Cryptocurrency has not been particularly Safu in 2022. In fact, October has been especially spooky, with a whopping $718 million stolen across 11 different hacks. 2022 is on track to set a record. Unfortunately, not the one you’d like to see.

On this CoinMarketCap episode we take a deep dive on how to protect your crypto from hacks in 2022 and 2023. We wouldn’t want you to get caught out in only a few months, right?

0:31 – What Are the Main Security Risks of Crypto?
2:35 – How to Keep Your Crypto Safe
3:26 – How to Store Your Crypto Safely
4:09 – How to Secure Your Devices and Internet Connection
4:49 – Why and How to DYOR
5:34 – How to Prevent Crypto From Being Sent to the Wrong Address
6:47 – Who Should Keep Crypto on Exchanges?

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