Near Protocol: Top Insider Pick or just another Shitcoin (Deep Dive)

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Near Protocol: Top Insider Pick or just another Shitcoin

Near Protocol is a smart contract and decentralized application (DApp) platform that focuses on usability and developer friendliness. NEAR is fast and scalable. It will soon be able to handle up to 100.000 transactions per second (TPS) and reaches transaction finality almost instant.
Their top team of world class software engineers is constantly working on achieving the ambition milestones from the roadmap, so far with no major delays.
Is NEAR a serious Ethereum competitor or maybe even an Ethereum Killer?

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  1. Thank You for your work and such a good deep dive and explanation. Keep up the good work. May I request to have a score in the end? Like on a scale of 1 to 10 how does a crypto project fare as per your analysis. How would you rate or rank them? How does this one compares to Solana or to AVAX?

  2. Good project but it hurts me to see the lack of transactions on chain.. Why they don't have more usage ??? my god just look people the games that are in the making use ( Near protocol gaming ) just amazing… but comparing to Solana go to their website and look at the usage on chain its unbelievable… no chain can compare to this is just ridiculous how much transactions they have even when the network is down after that i check no difference.. Anazing…

  3. Currently I am in huge loss, my portfolio value is down 10X in lar one year. $20K value is now $3000. Can you advise which coin has potential to recover my loss down the line 3 years. I can hold it

  4. Really great informative and balanced video. Thanks for putting in all the work!

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