Pacific Bitcoin – Hard Money Stage – Day 1

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Pacific Bitcoin is a two-day Bitcoin experience leading the way to a bright, orange future.
Day 1 of Pacific Bitcoin at the Hard Money Stage took place on November 10th, 2022.

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Panels and Fireside Chats:
00:00:00 “The Race vs The War” with Cory Klippsten
00:09:31 “Bitcoin Time Machine – 1982” with Bob Burnett, Jeff Booth, Pete Rizzo and Tomer Strolight
00:34:38 “Bitcoin is Freedom” with Alex Gladstein, Yan Pritzker, Craig Warmke and Joe Hall
01:00:41 Swan Private by Swan Bitcoin with Steven Lubka
01:06:25 “A Chat with Robert Breedlove” Moderated by Brandon Quittem
01:37:18 “The Future of Bitcoin Technology” with Pierre Rochard, Dhruv Bansal, Warren Togomi and Guy Swann
02:04:13 “Fold Spin Wheel” by Fold!
02:06:58 “Mining Ethics and Public Policy” – Brought to you by Marathon with Jason Les, Mags Gronowska, Troy Cross and Pete Rizzo
02:33:30 “All Your Models Are Destroyed” with Preston Pysh, James Lavish, Dylan Leclair and Sam Callahan
02:58:52 “This Machine Greens” by Jamie King
03:37:50 “Beyond the Great Resistance” by Tip
03:51:19 “A Tribute to John Maynard Keynes” with Wolf von Laer, Pierre Rochard, Parker Lewis and Stephan Livera
04:16:08 “Fold Spin Wheel” by Fold!
04:20:10 “Not Financial Advice: Bitcoin’s Role in a Hawkish World” with David Thayer, Morgen Rochard, James Lavish and Andy Edstrom
04:45:17 “A Chat with Jeff Booth” Moderated by Natalie Brunell
05:20:28 “Bentaus Saves Environment through Bitcoin” by Bob Davidoff
05:26:00 “Swan Advisor Services” with Ryan Flynn
05:27:24 Pacific Bitcoin Sponsors
05:30:44 “Protecting Sats with a Bitcoin Tax Strategy” with Clinton Donnelly
05:46:00 “Bitcoin, Not Shitcoin” with Lyn Alden, Allen Farrington, Yan Pritzker and Peter McCormack
06:12:03 “A Chat with Michelle Phan” Moderated by Natalie Brunell
06:35:24 Swan Mobile App!
06:38:40 “Bitcoin Time Machine – 1992” with Lawrence Lepard, Carla (The Crypto Couple), Dhruv Bansal and Tomer Strolight
07:06:28 “Fold Spin Wheel” by Fold!
07:09:10 “Bitcoin Is For Everyone”

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