Squid Game Honeypot Scam Tutorial, Crypto, Token, Coin, Contract Code, Ethereum, BSC, AVAX, FTM, CRO

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Squid Game Crypto Honeypot Scam Tutorial, Token, Coin, Contract Code, Ethereum, BSC, AVAX, FTM, CRO

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In this video I will show you how to make your own cryptocurrency scam token (Honeypot Scam, Rugpull Shitcoin) and make millions with it. The code can be re-used infinite times, there’s no limit!

Ethereum ERC-20, BNB Chain, BSC, BEP-20, Avalanche AVAX, Fantom FTM, Cronos CRO

✅ Advanced controls:
– Undetected on checkers
– Trade button works on Poocoin
– Sell Lock
– Trading Lock/Pause
– Blacklist function
– Cooldown function
– Separate Buy & Sell and Transfer Tax
– Changeable Tax Fees
– Sell & Buy and Wallet Limits
– Liquidity Burn [Auto or Manual] – Airdrop function
– Fake Ownership Renounce
– Hidden mint function
– Anti-Bot and Anti-Whale mechanics!

These settings can be changed anytime after deployment on the blockchain explorer sites or you can call the functions on Remix like I do in the videos!
For example on (Contract – Write Menu)

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Wie man Token erstellt kann nicht verkaufen?
Hoe token te creëren kan niet verkopen?
판매할 수 없는 토큰을 만드는 방법은 무엇입니까?
टोकन कैसे बना सकते हैं बेच नहीं सकते?
Bagaimana cara membuat token tidak bisa jual?
Bagaimana membuat token tidak boleh menjual?
¿Cómo crear token no se puede vender?
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Squid Game Scam

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