The Fall of Transport #shorts

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Early on November 16th, an oil tanker was struck by an armed #drone off the coast of Oman. As I state in my latest book – “Inhibit [safe and cheap transport] and the rest of everything simply falls apart.” This is only the tip of the iceberg.



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  1. Timothy Hawkins, United States’ Naval 5th Fleet Commander, told Al Jazeera that the US’ biggest concern was “any destabilising maritime activity that takes place in the surrounding waters because they are vital to global trade”.

    He said that the 5th Fleet’s next step would be to continue maintaining a persistent presence in the Gulf

  2. well, there goes my special surface sea shipping rates for my collectibles coming from Japan.

    Time to downsize. 🤷‍♂️😅

  3. Needed is a poor man's CIWS (Close In Weapons System) which puts an insane amount of projectiles down range. A CIWS is a last-resort weapon as used in a naval context but… Using a commercial ship's radar with mods and one of these mounted on the highest point of said commercial ship it might well do the job. It would probably bring down ship insurance somewhat as well.
    Yes, some tech is involved and maintenance would have to be organised with rigour but one tanker or box monster saved would justify the cost for several of these systems in a fleet.
    Come to think of it, a CIWS would probably do a pretty good number on pirates too. Instant chum.

  4. Rental excort ships coming soon, but knowing that neiborhood soon to become a protection/blackmail racket. The days of the Barbary Pirates return???

  5. Buried Lede: US threatens Chinese oil supply by indifference. Chinese response: blue water navy, FONOPS, anti-piracy operations. Oh, and the Iranians who might be throwing drones at tankers? Yeah, CHina has been cultivating them.
    Jesus Peter I just outmaneuvered you in 30 seconds.
    You're wrong. Did you see Immerwahr's article on geopolitics in The Guardian yesterday?
    I suggest you rebrand as GEOECONOMICS and POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY, or even PSYCHOECONOMICS ok that last one is a joke.
    Don't be a joke Peter. You're not risible, unlike Thomas Friedman …

  6. I've seen examples of a rapid-fire Gatling gun in conjunction with a radar system be very effective at shooting down these slow-moving drones. Considering the value of the cargo on these tankers, it seems very cost effective to install such a system.

  7. "This is something we should better get used to"
    unless the Mullah's regime in Iran is toppled in a revolution… 义

  8. Nancy went a bit too far on her trip to Taiwan.
    This isn't a game Peter.
    I play to win. They all do.

  9. the targeted tanker was israeli used for intelligence ops against Iran…that's why it was targeted.
    not saying that the other stuff you said is wrong, I agree with you. there are people who want global trade stopped 🙂

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