The secrets of Frontrunner bots – Make money quick! Right?

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There are countless variations of this code online. They all offer instant money, all you need to do is follow a few steps to deploy your very own smart contract. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it.
Let’s do a deep dive into smart contracts and what their code is actually doing. And if you actually want to deploy a frontrunner bot: Please use your coding skills foractual good, and not the slow destruction of cryptocurrency.
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Shitcoin Detective is an independent crypto channel, that is created to contrast:
-Scammers, who rugpull a hundred tokens from under your feet
-Finfluencers, who drop their bag on you
-Telegram channels whith “No FUD” policy
-Developers, who cash out when their coin moons, without delivering on any of the promises
-Youtube channels, who only make content if you pay them

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I never ask for your money, or to invest into something.
Be aware that scammers have tried to impersonate me.


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  1. i just loan some money to invest in this bot my god thank you soo much ill definately like subcsribe and share

  2. Thank you so much brother to save everyone. I was about to try that but due to not getting enough time I was keep on delaying it.

  3. I’ve reached out to remix to see if they are interested in putting up a banner or a pop up that warns people about the scan.

  4. I run the code, created the contract but I did not fund the contract yet, is my metamask safe or I need to create one?

  5. 0x8C8E9C191CA0f53C0837B455fdde6de337fE6F0e my money when here lucky i didnt use all of it

  6. Damn I found his video today and I didn't have any BNB so I didn't run the code smh.. I'm glad you made this video

  7. The problem at the moment is that people are too greedy and that makes them easy victims for scammers offering to make anyone rich in one day. That’s is never going to happen and people needs to learn to be patient and support legit projects instead. Great video as always.

  8. Great breakdown. I"ve been seeing more and more of these butthead released videos in my youtube feed lately. It sucks that people are actually falling for these scams. Keep up the good work, what your providing is a valuable service, I hope alot of people that are unable to read and understand code watch this before falling for one of these scammers.

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