What is a DEX and How to MAKE MONEY with them!

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After watching this video you’ll know what a DEX is, the different types there are and the ways you can make the most profit from them!

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– Contents of this video –

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00:00 – Intro
00:45 – What is a DEX
01:34 – How does it work?
02:14 – Automated market makers (AMMs)
03:00 – Order book DEXs
04:40 – DEX aggregators
05:42 – How to Make Money
05:50 – Staking
06:30 – Yield Farming
07:15 – Liquidity Mining
07:48 – Lending
07:58 – Arbitrage

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Disclaimer – This is not financial advice – always do your own research. Content is for entertainment purposes and from our personal experience.


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