Who Caused The Crypto Crash? It's Not Who You Think!

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While everyone is pointing the finger at Uber-Scam Artist Sam Bankman Fried and his lesser rival Do Kwon to cast blame for the collapse of several cryptocurrency scams, the real blame lies elsewhere. We’ve seen this situation play out before in other bubbles. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme!

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  1. I used to own Community Banks. The President embezzled. Fed turned their head and let an innocent (sort of) loan officer serve the time. He had no political connections the President did.

  2. Started following you at 10k subs. Can't wait to see you reach 100k.. 250k.. 500k.. 1 mil.. 2 mil.. 5 mil..

  3. Yet another in your face robbery by the Kosher Nostra. Whatever you do, don't ever point that out…

  4. The Ontarios teachers pension sad thing is that was only .5 of a percent of their portfolio. Goes to show how much money they have.

  5. Crypto suicided itself cause it is ponzi geater fool pyramid scheme. Every single one of them.

  6. So much respect for how much positivity you put while going through Jobs! I wish you all the best, mate! you deserve it EYE🤑 ON🤑 SIGHT!

  7. Thanks for all your great info. May you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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