You Won't Believe What's Next For BTC!!! | Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin is on the verge of something BIG!
Grounded, level-headed technical analysis.
Let’s discuss.
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On “My FINterpretation” I explain my thoughts/analysis on Crypto markets at the time of recording.

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🚨NO opinions, perspectives, theories, ideas, live trades, or ANY other articles found on this channel OR on my corresponding My FINterpretation/FINterpreter Signal Squad channels/servers/platforms are to be interpreted as financial advice. YOU as an individual are solely responsible for your investment decisions.
I am not liable for your gains or losses.

🚨Contracts for Difference (“CFDs”) are leveraged products that carry a significant risk of loss to your capital, as prices may move rapidly against you and you may be required to make further payments to keep any trades open. The vast majority of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. These products are not suitable for all clients, therefore please ensure you fully understand the risks and seek independent advice before entering the market.

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