Boryoku Genesis Dragonz Index $drgnz Chart, Price and Contract

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Bridgesplit enables any unique asset to become liquid and yield generative via NFT-collateralized lending, indexes, and more. Applications from marketplaces to games benefit from the Bridgesplit protocol. We have released the $DRGNZ token which correlates with a floor index for the popular NFT collection “”Boryoku Dragonz””

solana solana: CzXF8oUJSsB9ADKV99WAi2TgytqAyKvQw6EihwiL9em4

Name: Boryoku Genesis Dragonz Index
Symbol: drgnz
Network: solana

Total supply: 9631
Max supply: 1111000

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drgnz price,Boryoku Genesis Dragonz Index price


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