MekkaCoin $mek Chart, Price and Contract

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Mekka Froggo is a collection of 1,111 NFTs that features the world’s first gamified staking wars system where holders can fight for a share of MekkaCoin ($MEK). Froggos can increase their $MEK earning rate by training their NFT or locking their NFTs for 10- or 30-day periods. $MEK earning rate is also influenced by rare traits and by the alliance that wins the daily staking war. $MEK is used within the Mekka ecosystem of tools, beginning with Mekka Stake, a SaaS NFT staking platform creator that offers a 10% discount to users to spend $MEK to be onboarded to Mekka Stake. It will also be used for transaction fees in the secure Mekka Wallet, which turns every smartphone into a ledger.

solana solana: MekkANZkBpzbGeTWsD1cRRuQxZMTFfBJyLrKywGQRss

Name: MekkaCoin
Symbol: mek
Network: solana

Total supply: 18500000
Max supply: 21000000

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mek price,MekkaCoin price


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