Naga Kingdom $naga Chart, Price and Contract

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Naga Kingdom (NAGA) is the native token that governs the ecosystem of Naga Kingdom. The NAGA token represents the growth and quality of players of the game. Players need NAGA tokens to purchase various items (above level 1) including magic eggs, snakes, maps, skins, 4-leaf clovers, pet psychics, and use them as fees in the Marketplace of Naga Kingdom, which in turn will generate sustainable income for players. Also, NAGA token is among the random rewards in the game and a common intermediate token to trade NFT items and skins in Marketplace.

solana solana: NaFJTgvemQFfTTGAq2PR1uBny3NENWMur5k6eBsG5ii

Name: Naga Kingdom
Symbol: naga
Network: solana

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 0

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naga price,Naga Kingdom price


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