SolanaPrime $prime Chart, Price and Contract

SolanaPrime is the first VC DAO and launchpad for the next generation of GameFi and DeFi projects on the Solana ecosystem. Capital markets efficiency and deflationary tokenomics are at the core of our launchpad, built by veterans of the industry. SolanaPrime’s tokenomics are deflationary due to IDO participation fees. It’s not free anymore to make Xs – sometimes its better to skip. Furthermore, SolanaPrime combines a unique insurance fund to protect investors and ensure maximal capital efficiency. Our unique Tokenized Index Pool of IDO’d tokens provides allows community exposure to a less risky portafolio. Tradeable NFT Tier allocations supercharge token velocity and make stake PRIME capital work.

solana solana: PRiME7gDoiG1vGr95a3CRMv9xHY7UGjd4JKvfSkmQu2

Name: SolanaPrime
Symbol: prime
Network: solana

Total supply: 99999147
Max supply: 0

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prime price,SolanaPrime price


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