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Ceres is one of the first projects on SORA (XOR) blockchain which won Kusama parachain auction and will be future Polkadot parachain. Ceres is developing DeFi services and utilities for new projects and tokens on Polkaswap (Cross-chain exchange on SORA/Polkadot). Ceres ecosystem consists of four concepts: • Burning – Ceres tokens will be burned over time and supply will be constantly reducing. • Governance – Ceres token holders can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals. • Airdrops – Every Ceres holder can get each of three Ceres Airdrop tokens which will have its own platforms with different purposes. • Treasury – Community will be making proposals for the use and Ceres holders will have the right to vote for them. There are also 3 Airdrop tokens for Ceres holders: Demeter, Hermes and Apollo. Each of the tokens will have its own platform with different purposes. Fees from those platforms will be used for burning and other ecosystem uses. Ceres team is closely related and working with official SORA/Polkaswap team. We already have our main token listed on Coingecko: Now we want to list our first airdrop token – Demeter

sora sora: 0x00f2f4fda40a4bf1fc3769d156fa695532eec31e265d75068524462c0b80f674

Name: Demeter
Symbol: deo
Network: sora

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 10000000

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