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Pegasys is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) running on Syscoin NEVM, Syscoin’s EVM-compatible protocol extension, that aims to bring something fresh and impactful to the DeFi space. It uses the same automated market-making (AMM) model as Uniswap, features a native governance token called PSYS that is community distributed and is capable of trading all tokens issued on Syscoin. Alongside the traditional LPs and swap functionalities, Pegasys also has very fruitful farms and staking opportunities as well as novel utility for users and other developers such as a token creator, launchpad and liquidity bootstrapper. — Regarding the Max Supply question below, I wasn’t able to input it in its field because it only allows numbers, but the answer is 3% of additional supply can be minted per year.

syscoin syscoin: 0xe18c200a70908c89ffa18c628fe1b83ac0065ea4

Name: Pegasys
Symbol: psys
Network: syscoin

Total supply: 100000000
Max supply: 0

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psys price,Pegasys price


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