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BEMT stands for ‘Best Economic Money Token. BEMT is a token that was launched on the Tron Blockchain. BEMT is a token. BEMT has inherited all features of TRX, its most remarkable ones being high transaction speed and low transaction costs. Goals of BEM Foundation: •Preparation suitable and safe occupational grounds in blockchain systems. •Creation of various platforms by smart contracts technology with the purpose of enabling participants and fans to make money in systems by BEMT. •Workspace stability, sound job types, project safety in terms of preventing changes in work policies, safety in payments and deposit of commissions, protection of participants’ investments and value and assets of holders.

tron tron: TBp6ZMzkxci5o4sJjFa6Fo9Wy36gcubQLW

Name: BEM
Symbol: bemt
Network: tron

Total supply: 30000000
Max supply: 30000000

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bemt price,BEM price


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