4D Twin Maps $map Chart, Price and Contract

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“Bring your properties to the Metaverse. Through the use of the latest topographic, surveying and scanning technology we want to bring the real world to the blockchain. You will have full control of your properties, minted as NFT, and you will be able to work with them like you do with your favourite professional software but on the web (GIS, CAD, BIM, 3D…) – Have your properties as NFT – Work with data for analysis – Use MAP token to transact – Share what you want to everyone – Explore the world and buy, sell or rent”

: 0x6d347fdcb302a5879545e01ecee7a176db23dcda

Name: 4D Twin Maps
Symbol: map

Total supply: 5100000000000
Max supply: 5100000000000

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map price,4D Twin Maps price


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