Einsteinium $emc2 Chart, Price and Contract

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Einsteinium (EMC2) is a new cryptocoin with the tagline “Cryptocurrency with Wormholes”. The goal of Einsteinium is to help invest in the future and fund scientific researches. The Einsteinium Foundation is setup to help raise funds from the community to fund interesting scientific projects. Einsteinium claims no coins have been pre-mined since its inception. It is powered by the Kimoto Gravity Well to ensure fair difficulty adjustment to protect themself from heavy weight miners. In order to fund the Einsteinium Foundation, all mined blocks will make a compulsory 2.5% donation to the foundation fund. The community will then vote as to which scientific project should be funded. EMC2 coin has wallet for all major platform which includes Windows, Mac, and Android.


Name: Einsteinium
Symbol: emc2

Total supply: 245465283
Max supply: 0

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emc2 price,Einsteinium price


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