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Aave 2022 Crypto Aidrop | Claim Up to 500$ For Free | What is Aave | Ethereum , Defi

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Claim AAVE: https://aavedrop.com/

From 0.1 to 5 Aave tokens for each person who participated in the Airdrop.
An additional 0.1 Aave for each Aave in the participant’s wallet.
A total of 3,500,000 Aave tokens will be distributed.

Attention: You can claim airdrop only through the browser on the pc or through the Metamask browser in the mobile Metamask app.

AAVE: https://aave.com/

AAVE is an open-sourced DeFi protocol that allows people to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies! The protocol operates on blockchain networks which means that there are no centralized authorities governing the network.
Airdrop is part of our marketing strategies to promote our token to the public.
Essentially this allows users to lend and borrow crypto and other assets without crossing any centralized intermediaries!
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Join Daily Airdrop

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