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Avery Akkineni on Web3: It's a great time to build your strategy. #shorts #crypto

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As the President of Vayner3, @Avery Akkineni leads the company’s mission to build long-term strategic IP projects for the world’s leading intellectual property owners serving brands, celebrities, athletes, and associations. Avery helps provide solutions that incentivize and reward brand advocacy, creating deeper customer loyalty.

Avery uses her experience to provide meaningful
cultural relevance for others to unlock the potential of Web3,
educating audiences on various topics, including:

– Mapping Out an NFT Strategy for Your Brand
– What Web3 Means for Intellectual Property Owners
– Welcome to the Metaverse – How IP Owners Can Navigate The Early Days
– Building the Plane While Flying – How to Launch a Successful NFT

If you’re interested in booking Avery Akkineni to speak at your next event, please email contact@vaynerspeakers.com or visit VaynerSpeakers.com


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