Bankless Hosts Finally Meet Permissionless 2022 Web3 Social

Bankless Hosts Finally Meet! | Permissionless 2022 | Web3 Social Media | ETH Staking

YouTube video

3rd Week of May, 2022

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Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro

5:30 BTC Price
7:00 ETH Price
7:13 BTC Ratio
7:34 Total Crypto Market Cap
7:46 $35T in Global Market Value Gone

11:50 Web3 Social Media
17:44 Robinhood Wallet
19:43 SBF Takes 7.6% Stake in Robinhood
20:27 Coinbase MPC Wallet
26:54 Ledger Connect
27:28 Coinbase Liquid Staking

30:08 NEWS
30:10 Terra / Luna Updates
30:15 Do Kwon Called to Attend Parliament

31:04 NFTs
31:15 Chainsmokers Album Royalties With Fans
32:08 Spotify Trialing NFTs?!

34:28 JOBS

37:18 a16z 2022 State of Crypto Report
39:37 EY Supply Chain Tracking

40:30 RAISES
40:33 a16z $600M Gaming Fund + Framework

43:49 Community Questions

46:11 TAKES
46:14 Legitimize Price Gouging
49:34 Long-term Crypto Fundamental Indicator
50:21 Build the Dip

52:46 What David’s Excited About
53:15 What Ryan’s Excited About

Pics from Permissionless
Meeting IRL
Meeting on stage
David + Ryan at DAO event
Rosenthal on Stage
The Merge
First ever Ryan+David pic with a fan
Ryan + Dixon
Getting Green Pilled
DeFi state of the Union

59:07 Moment of Zen

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  1. Broke up?

  2. Guys this is beautiful ! The final hug deserves a crypto meme.

  3. So dope. wATTBA

  4. Ryan is deep real

  5. Fomo is real! Thanks for pushing out a rollout even with the conference 🙂

  6. Great podcast, but how did you not mention June 8th ETH test net merge ?! Isn't this the single greatest piece of news of the week?

  7. Brilliant analysis of the different things to watch for on the different time frames. Good to see everyone feels the same way when they loose money, everyone thinks they could do this or that with that money which is as good as gone.

  8. Super cool to discover Ryan is real 🤣. You guys bring the fire every episode whether you’re exhausted or not. 🙏🏽

  9. Martin MTMChannel

    When market is up, after that it is always go down. it's healthy market.

  10. I'm fomo about permissionless… thanks guys!!

  11. You guys doing a great job .

  12. How do. Create a web3 lens account ? No link here

  13. man you sound completely different, I had to stop listening to the pod

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  15. Lol Ryan's voice is soo deep IRL

  16. ryan actually looks better here

  17. I can't believe you still keep promoting Vlad and Robinghood, he must've payed you really good

  18. The crypto space needs more guys like these two. Couldn't call them 'geeks' they are too cool for that, but they certainly seem sincere and genuine. Crypto generally has too many wankers cruising in the space that think they are geniuses because they are loaded from getting in early. Sincerity and knowledge is what we need. (yeah I know Andreas Antanopoulos is of that ilk but we need younger dudes)

  19. You guys missed on on a huge opportunity. Ryan totally should have been a deep fake in this video then announced it at the end.

  20. Do the other Amish community members shun David for investing in Eth?

  21. The power dynamic completely changed with the podcast done in person! David is much more subservient!

  22. Booch 4 Snooch

    You guys are the cutest! Your content is not bad either 😘

  23. Nice hangover episode

  24. Christos Lowrell

    The end almost brought me a tear (the hug).

    Nothing but love for these two LEGENDS in the space, invaluable.

  25. Shout out from Opolis! I new you were real Ryan. So happy for this meeting finally lol sad I didn't get to permissionless to meet ya guys. Keep killing it!

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    Lens social media is trash. It's built on AWS.

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    Lost the video

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    bankless is gilfoye and dinesh all over again

  30. This was good. I am thinking how can I go bankless in a country where banks do not permit crypto purchases. Working on it though. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

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  32. He's a real boy!

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    Wtf you never met? No way man

  34. Chainge finance does all of this and does crosschain with 19 chains

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    I lensdit

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    Bear Market Broke! Review inbound! <3

  37. Whatever you are doing with the audio set up keep it for Ryan, sound better than usual. And perso I prefer without a filter, look more mature Vs teenager looking normally…

  38. Wen Bankless Daily Roll-up? 🤔

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  40. Why does he sound like a man today? Normally he sounds like a pre-pubescent beiber girl

  41. Kevin Chambers

    Do you guys really believe in all the products you shill in your ads, or are these just money grabs?

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    Great vibe in this video! Thanks fellas! Always appreciate coming here to brainstorm.

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    the real ryan has a differnt more deeper voice

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