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Biden's Crypto Guidelines: Bullish or Bearish?

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Sleepy Joe’s policy guide is split into seven sections, the first of which is entitled, ‘Consumer and Investor Protection.’ Classic. And one can’t help but feel the long shadow of the Terra collapse cast across its pages. Of course, not everyone agrees that regulation is a good thing at all. For some, the Darwinian forces of a free market economy should be left to its own devices. For others, regulation is a necessary part of the maturation process, a mere bump on the road towards mass adoption. But whatever your position, most will agree that the true specter here isn’t regulation per se, but regulatoooors using ‘investor protection’ as a pretext to exert control, and yes, cash in those sweet sweet benjamins. After all, US citizens are welcome to piss away their savings at Caeser’s Palace or on sports betting, so if preventing bad decision-making was the heart of the issue, Draft Kings wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar company. Nope, as ever, this comes down to taxes. And you best believe that if there’s money to be had, the government will take it. Anyway, the section arrives at some rather uninspired suggestions, for example, that the SEC and CFTC continue to ‘‘aggressively pursue enforcement actions against unlawful practices”, while encouraging “the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to redouble their efforts to enforce against unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices.” Basically, to do their bloody jobs. That’s six months of work across 9 government agencies. And people wonder why the US is a declining empire…

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  1. bizarre bizarre.. I've been subscribed to this chanel for decades, but utub is not sending your vids to my feed anymore.. did u say anything against the vaccine? do you like vladimir?

  2. They don't matter cuz they won't be in office
    These won't pass or stay
    You're welcome

  3. Government doesn't get it that the people demand money the banksters and government do not control and rip us off and control us with. They want to make it theirs and keep their sick game going. Do not let them.

  4. Quietly, in the background, there are amazing non-security token systems for p2p trading slowly taking over. Free and decentralized. These systems are already running and out of everyone’s control. If you haven’t heard about it, you will soon.

  5. TL;DW
    Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), stricter asset regulation, more taxes, and a Federal Reserve banking (monitoring) app. They want to track and monitor everything you buy, sell, and create, where you do it and with whom, and determine your right to do so.


  6. What the f* is government-to-consumer??? My relationship to the state is not as a ‘consumer’. How did we get to a place where that language would even occur to someone?

  7. 😂 you’re a funny duck! Good balance of info and laffs… and a very sensual “factsheet” 😂😂

  8. This is amazing content.
    The stray hair, the family photo album page flipping, while talking about a crucial although boring topic is incredible.
    This is A class acting.
    You are a gem in this crypto chaos.
    I've been following you since your phantom tutorial and you haven't disappointed me once.
    Keep doing you. It's sensational. 😉

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