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BITCOIN Still FALLING + Google Coming To WEB3!!

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Today we will be discussing Bitcoin futures and what they say about current crypto market conditions. Next, we’ll look at Google indirectly jumping on the crypto bandwagon with the formation of a Web3-focused team. Lastly, we’ll talk about Sony’s partnership with Theta labs for the creation of their 3D NFTs designed for use with the Sony SDR.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Crypto Factor, Crypto Taco, Crypto Stache, & Crypto Blood. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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  1. What is Crypto Factor talking about? Of course BTC has went down to some previous ATHs.

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    Fully Doxed Team and KYC Rewards every 15 Minutes
    2% Auto Black Hole 4% BUSD Rewards Hourly
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    LUZION is flying, LUZION is the future guys.

  3. Stache needs to just go bald and be gone with that fraudulent hairline 👀😂

  4. You guys need a stoner crypto investors point of view. Time to hire me Bitboy Crypto!

  5. LOL! You think the bottom will be the summer low of last year around 28k? LOL!!!!!! It's a bear market not a pull back, low 20/s for sure. 20-23k these guys have no clue

  6. Btc and eth are screwed!
    Corruption on the highest level
    Watch the digital asset investor we need to wake up

  7. It's still Black Friday in the crypto market. It's time to buy btc on bitfinex and wait for the bull market

  8. Theta at an absolute bargain price just now. Loading the bags ready for the bull run

  9. How TF It will It go so low if more people In crypto and hold? How can It go baçk to 20k?

  10. Pixel phone is best on the market!! until Tesla phone perhaps. Honestly though pixel phone mops the floor with any other android iOS. The way the world is at the moment its very important for westerns to buy western products. if you want android buy pixel/Tesla if you want apple obviously iPhone.

  11. I’m waiting for the classic Bitboy Pump video… he has a special Hawaiian shirt to go with that pump.

  12. Google is the political arm of the biggest hate group in America: the Democrats party. That left wing company should be repudiated by the people who love capitalism and freedom.

  13. bitcoin can go way low if no one is willing to buy at current prices
    and people who leverage will get margin call
    when the market makers do not trade until price is at 10 k
    anything is possible

  14. I think crypto Blood is much closer than the other dude. I think we will at least see $15,000 bitcoin.

  15. these guys are not saying anything. all speculation no consensus. what is the point ?

  16. I'm buying tell I can't no more these are bargain bin prices and might even drop more this is a time to think about Bitcoin getting to those all time highs in 2 years that's when millionaire's are made

  17. Google are currently on the governing council for Hedera Hashgraph aka HBAR. Rumours they are working on something with that but I dont know for sure.

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