Blockchain Powered Economy w The Digital Economist39s CEO Navroop Sahdev

Blockchain-Powered Economy w/ The Digital Economist's CEO Navroop Sahdev | Web3 Watch Fireside Chat

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In this fireside chat, Cardstack’s Founding Director Chris Tse and Navroop Sahdev, CEO of The Digital Economist, talk about their initiatives for the Web3 ecosystem.

Washington-based think tank The Digital Economist is working to bring to the fore investable opportunities for a new human-centered digital economy based on sustainability, transparency, decentralization, individual privacy, and radical collaboration.

Introduction (0:00)
Collaboration in Web3 economic models (3:32)
The nature of money and capital (5:52)
User technology enabling new models of value (9:06)
Platform economics (13:48)
Tapping into deeper structures of economic meaning (18:37)
The politics of Web3 (21:34)
The economics of abundance (27:04)
Mapping better rewards with Web3 (32:18)
How to embrace the abundance of open-source tools (35:57)
Creating a more syncretic software world (45:20)
Humanism in Web3 (48:58)
Conclusion (53:35)

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