Booming Real Estate Market Gets Crushed Web3 Disruption Imminent

Booming Real Estate Market Gets Crushed (Web3 Disruption Imminent)

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Web3 is gaining momentum and virtual real estate is at the forefront of the movement. In this video, I sit down with Justin and Bryan from Meta Money to discuss the rise of digital land ownership, how the blockchain can improve modern real estate processes, and what the future looks like for the housing market.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Should we diversify into digital land?
2:46 Why do we have a system where someone needs a license to organize the sale of something?
4:47 What would happen if we moved all land assessments and land deeds to the blockchain?
7:06 How would private sales be affected by this new industry?
8:52 What is going to happen with the housing market in a few years?
10:21 Are these middleman jobs going to merge online?
11:23 Outro

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  1. I have clients from all over the country that over the last ten years, I have helped make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many of us RE agents work extremely hard for our clients. If you don’t your clients won’t come back. I have one gentleman. We just sold one of his vacation rentals that I had both helped acquire and managed, he bought for 110k and sold for 306k. While every year he used it as his vacation home and collected over 12k net a year. While taking advantage of the tax credits that crypto certainly doesn’t give you. I’m sorry that you have had bad experiences with agents in the past and there are certainly a lot of agents that don’t make it there goal to make their clients money on their investments. But don’t lump us all in together because of your bad experience. Most people still need a good agent that knows the market, and that knows the areas. We have a fiduciary duty and many of us take that serious!

  2. Nicholas hallam

    Real estate in a bubble?.. I think not, being a veteran in mortgage origination, I can tell you, we are not in the same market we were in back in 2008, big difference is that people expected homes to be higher and higher. This time around, people are surprised. We are dealing with a true shortage if homes. Big money are buying them up, pricing most out of ownership. Materials to build new are skyrocketing, again pricing most out of ownership, and rates are increasing, further salting the injury. My advise, become a homeowner as soon as you can, before you won't be able too.

  3. If your job ends in broker you don't have a real job.

  4. Some agents are completing real estate sales when buyer and seller have crypto…Bitcoin or ethereum…

  5. Buy Shiba INU crypto currency NOW IT'S GOING to explode seriously #shibaInu ❤ 💜 🐶😆 don't be left behind buy Shiba INU now it will change your life 💖

  6. Dude I'm all for defi and crypto but did these dodos just bash on buying an ACTUAL house that you can live in?? And then praise some random dont-know-if-it'll-last VR digital house shit, in the same breath? I know you have to push an agenda but dudes, take it easy.

  7. Yoooo

  8. I don’t know what people consider a crash for real estate but they are actually very rare. Yes it may slow down or even draw back slightly but I don’t see a 20% dump. Demand is too high and only climbing as millennials age. If building continues at this rate then we would be lucky to catch up with demand in 5-10 years. Just because you got in early on crypto doesn’t mean you can suddenly claim to be an expert on real estate.

  9. The less middlemen the better… 🙂

  10. Colorado Crypto Chic 111

    Great video. Don’t forget about Proppy for real, real estate. Keep it on the blockchain and get rid of the middle men (pivot guy). Thanks guys! Digital decentralization is where it’s all. Ciao!

  11. Stephen DiCapua

    So dumb. You don't have to have an agent to sell or buy real estate. Simply not true. You can engage in a for sale by owner. It happens all the time. Plenty of transactions are marketed with a broker. Cmon. That's dumb


  13. Im a plumber. No robots are taking over my job any time soon

  14. i've been holding some in EOS-based real estate projects, now simply wait with tether bags till the end of bear sentiments

  15. These yahoos are going to look back on this video and put palm-to-forehead! Meta verse is a digital, modern day resort time-share scam. It is going to end ugly just like time-shares have.

  16. I feel the same way about realtors, I get it, it’s their job, but when we found our home without the realtor (because she was dragging her ass and we were limited in time) that we hired to help us find homes, she expected to be part of the deal since she showed us other homes that wasn’t what we were looking for. In fact, we had to give her the addresses because she never reached out to us …..and at the end she expected something from us when we did the work for the house we bought?

  17. Best show by far

  18. I'll give u a hint… Bankers don't want blockchain accountability… it will make their fraud harder to hide.

  19. Christian Moreno

    Realtors work alot harder than you think. They arent out here taking payouts from random pump and dump schemes(Ben) to promote their channel. When renovations are done on the home your buying you NEED some sort of third party to verify the work was completed by someone knowledgeable, a homeowner will opt to hire unlicensed cheap quick fixes, and it is a nightmare for the buyer down the road… Its worth your time

  20. I think this video is proof of how little all of you know about Real Estate lol. Stick to crypto !
    I'm sorry you had to go through your bad experiences with Real Estate Agents but there is the good and bad in every industry Real Estate and Crypto included.

  21. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would be appreciated.

  22. I hate real estate agents too Ben. My most recent ex is the reason ngl.

  23. Enlightenment Entertainment

    You’re a real piece of work

  24. Correct Realstate agents are useless…. I've sold my homes for 100 dollars listing on the MLS. You actually get better deals if you come in with an offer without representation.
    I cannot see myself paying a Realstate agent over 30k in equity to sell my home when all you really have to do is post it on the MLS and create a for sale by owner sign and a couple open houses.

  25. Brian's arms always looks too small for his body!

  26. Completely depends on where your real estate is. Santa Fe , Vail , Aspen keeps going up and only will . Low inventory and mega wealthy buyers .

  27. However your going to have to have licensed people originating the loans and auditing them. Their is to much potential for fraud to not verify people’s information.

  28. Also, he's lying when he says that he paid a realtor when he bought that house.
    Real estate commission is paid off the seller's proceeds, not out of the buyer's pocket….love ol bitty boy but he's digging himself in a hole just to make a point that isn't valid.

  29. Oof. Cringe: having a youtuber who shills magic internet money slam a profession that's been around for a hundred years.
    If I'm lending money to someone who is buying a real asset, I'd definitely use a professional (Realtor) to administer and facilitate the negotiations, do the legal contract work, orchestrate inspections and closing, and advise on any issues that arise throughout the transaction.
    Also, I'd hire a professional (Appraiser) to give me his professional opinion of value on that asset I'm lending my money on and not just take a random npc's word for it.

  30. Do not listen to these dudes they will get you wrecked!

  31. Thomas Marchetti

    Spend a day with me on the job as a real estate broker and you will change your mind how difficult the job can be. Most people have no idea how difficult it is.

  32. You are so right on this one. I'm thinking about learning how to if it's even possible. Bill the NFT marketplace for real estate if it's possible