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Build WEB3 ELDEN RING – Web3 Game Programming, C#, Unity, Solidity, Hardhat, Moralis

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Yes, you read that right. For this week’s project, we cloned a boss fight in Elden Ring using Unity and Moralis. You’re going to learn how to add Web3 elements to the gameplay, so the loot that the boss will drop will be ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens. Let’s do it!

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  1. GReat content ! thanks!
    In this example, gaz fees are paid by contract owner right ? So why do user have to sign transaction when receiving erc20 and erc721 ?

  2. Hey Dave, can you please show also how you deploy the smart contracts to mint and to claim the NFT??
    I get stuck at this on litteraly every tutorial of yours. Please help!! <3

  3. Dark Souls Fan and drummer here! Love VR and Beat Saber by Meta and Beat Games too!

  4. Let’s see if I can start to finish this one. I always get stuck I got like 10 open projects. I’m still learning Java Scrypt on the beginner academy subscription. Most the tuts I see are using c# now and I’m lost back at square1 on my 4th month learning.

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