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Champions Ascension Is A TOP New Crypto Game AAA P2E NFT Game!

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Champions Ascension is one of the world’s first “AAA” next-generation blockchain games developed exclusively for Web3 by Jam City! Champions Ascension is a play-to-earn adventure set in a player-driven high-fantasy universe.

NFT Perks
Champion Enhancements: Prime Eternal Champions are the only ones that come with unique visuals

Special User Access to Services and Content: The Prime Eternal Champion is your access pass to exclusive rewards and services

Token Loot Drops: For each Prime Eternal Champion, holding them earns you land tokens and Diamond Hand tokens daily

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  2. If it is P2E nft game it would like follow the path of Pegaxy, Cryptoblades and cryptobomb.

  3. SLP: Welcome
    VIS: Join the club
    Champions asencion : im different

    *slp and vis: oookkkkaaaayyyyy*

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