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[Chapter 1: 5/9] What is Decentralization? #crypto #crypto254 #web3 #decentralization

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What is Decentralization?
Web3 is everywhere, whether you can describe it or not, including social media, the news, and people’s financial planning. Despite making grand promises, its language is unique. This video is an introduction to the video series I’m starting by explaining Web3, Web3.0, metaverse, and what the future holds for cryptocurrency.

I hope this video can assist you in understanding the terminologies and concepts underlying cryptocurrencies and other buzzwords like “blockchain” and “decentralization.” If you have heard these terms but are unsure of what they imply, make time to watch the full series.

Join me as I explore the many components of Web3 to give you a solid understanding of the concepts behind a brand-new version of the Web.

Whether you want a high-level explanation of Web3, or want a deep dive into how blockchain technology works, this series has got you covered.

#web3 #bitcoin #defi #dao #decentralization #crypto #blockchain #crypto254


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