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Could MetaMask be like Terra Luna? (Web3 Wallet Warning)

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In this crypto video we explore Metamask’s biggest competition and that is web3 wallet by Sons of crypto. Metamask brings in over $200 million in revenue annually by charging fees on top of what Uniswap charges. Metamask can charge nearly 1% if you use their in app swapping tool for convenience.

If you have a lot of volume that really adds up. Not only that but Metamask is centralized meaning that at any time they could block you from using your Metamask in certain regions like they did in Venezuela.

Web3 wallet aims to fix both of those problems. They are aiming to be the first fully decentralized wallet and also offer better fees. BUT even better, if you are one of the first 1000 NFT holders you are exempt from trading fees as long as you hold a web3 wallet NFT. Imagine how much money web 3 wallet could save whales. Personally I’m speculating that if this project is successful this NFT will become incredibly valuable.

Of course like with any new project in crypto anything can happen so always DYOR. The team is also anonymous. Anything could happen here but if they are successful it is my opinion that it could be huge.

What is your opinion on this? Do you see potential in web 3 wallet?

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Here is where I minted my Web 3 NFT. Remember always DYOR!

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Web3wallet
2:50 POKT
3:27 Metamask
5:04 Going mobile
6:53 Getting in
9:51 Risk
11:26 Outro

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  1. Brother you are Billioner and i am jobless man..Please send me 1000 dollar

  2. community projects suck. they always pump n dump. i will stick to meta mask.

  3. You just not bring the Gem, You are a GEM for us. Thanks for sharing and caring for your community.
    Please do a vid on POKT

  4. I look forward to the day where metamask isn't the standard application for interacting with the EVM chains

  5. Thanks Kyle, I followed your lead and got a few NFT's and put some money in Cult. Will follow things closely to see how they unfold over the next year. Go Web3

  6. I'm so glad I minted a couple of these. Web3 Wallet is quite bullish and I hope will be a metamask killer. Also CULT DAO was able to get in an early investment so that's saying something 🙏

  7. What's a good stablecoin to get into atm. Is it worth putting about 10k into crypto atm?

  8. $CULT 🎭 = hyper deflationary 🔥
    It'll go to the moon 🚀
    My retirement plan 😏

  9. no way minted 10 and got a bronze nft!! lets go!! I never have luck like that with nfts 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Wow man just subscribed to you Kyle. You are one of the most knowledgeable people I have come across I have been in this space for 3-4 years now and not many people can simplify things the way you do man. Definitely minting some of these nfts.. Looks like it will be super promising going forward. Thanks for the info will be looking out for more videos in the future. Thanks again man.

  11. please make a video about best alt-coins to buy in this deep.. thanks in advance

  12. Hi Kyle. Bring on the POKT vid. Please! I was aware MMsk was centralized & have been accessing my ERC20s via POKT ntwrk w/in MMsk. Regarding Web3 wallet, it sounds good. As long as the interoperability is equal to or greater than MMsk, I'm game. Viva DECENTRALIZATION!

  13. I'm ur regular early viewer. I'm totally broke from Luna dump sir. Can u help me donate some usdt as a help sir? 😢😩


  14. 📥my life has👆👆totally changed since i started to invest we with him i invest $5,000 and now earning over $19,000, to you guy’s,you can contact the name Below⬆️.

  15. oh god yes let Ethereum BURN for robbing people for YEARS… Polkadot will save us all!

  16. This is factually wrong.
    Metamask only levies a charge only when you use the inbuilt swap feature.

    It doesn't levy any charge for using a Dex.

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