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Course Launched – Crypto Trading Execution Using Flash Loans, Web3 and Hardhat

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I know this has been highly requested and pending for some time now – crypto arbitrage, how to write a Flash Loan contract. Well, it got approved really quickly and is now up on Udemy or free access from Crypto Wizards (for Crypto Wizards members).

Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/course/crypto-trading-execution-with-flash-loans-web3-and-hardhat/?referralCode=3955B610321F68920F4D

Crypto Wizards: https://cryptowizards.net


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  1. HI Where i can have the basics so then i can take the flashloan course ( i have zero programing skills but im keen to learn and pick up fast waiting for your kind response

  2. Dear Shaun, I appreciate your work very much and am already looking forward to the now fifth course with you. Thank you so much for your work and dedication. Much love

  3. Are bots still able to generate profits from arbitrage opportunities? isn't it very saturated now?

  4. Nice.. thank you! One of my own bots, got some bad data and thought the ask was negative and tried to place a trade for all my money thinking the ROI was amazing (lucky it was trying to place a limit order on one of these older dex's that doesn't use an amm so it just cost some gas)… so using flash loans for this is I think essential, eager to learn how to do this.

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