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Crypto bounces back. ETH DGAF. YCC is the acronym of the week

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Strange times these. The human brain has an infinite capacity for making the best of a bad situation. COVID hasn’t gone away, it’s still very much with us. But like Dua Lipa peeps be all like IDGAF. Celsius declares bankruptcy. The $CEL token pumps 9%.

The Euro finally reclaimed its dollar peg this week before lapsing by a cent to end it recklessly short of a century on 99. Marooned in a sea of dollar bills that nobody seems to quite know what to do with. The CPI inflation data published this week was higher than expected at 9.1% raising the spectre of you, me, and all our financially woke chums having to learn yet another three letter acronym to wow our less woke chums at all the summer parties we’re now going to be attending because COVID was just an elaborate piece of ambulatory theatre. YCC – Yield Curve Control.

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  1. DUDE. Your videos are damn well done. Your channel is underrated by a lot lot. You need to do a collab with andrei jikh!!!

  2. Excellent as always. I left crypto earlier this year luckily and I wont be back. Nor will retail or any major institutions be pumping billions or trillions back in over time in a recession or worse. Why would they? Nothing in crypto has changed, nothing new, nothing must have, its all been a fantastic ponzi.

  3. Inflation has not popped unless we are in so much recession as to be deflationary.

  4. A 6 minute video about the YCC by a NFT / Web3 channel and 30% of the video are ads. And on top of it you get the withdraw of ETH after the merge wrong. Please do research and stick to web3 and NFT related topics.

  5. Harmony you are familiar with, but what might be your opinion on Algorand ecosystem mate?

  6. Merge doesn't enable withdraws at all, don't know how you missed this? That upgrade is 9-12 months away, and only then the queue will open.

  7. Crypto is dependent upon USD or fiat so long you and I have to pay taxes or bills in fiat currency. YOu want to know how I know BTC and ETH are securities and not money? People still measure their value of crypto in fiat currency. Miners, still have to pay the electric bill, there is always an a leakage of value out of crypto.

  8. Staked eth won’t be available to unlock until after the post merge upgrade that enables it 😉

  9. i was expecting a video on how sick otherside was but clearly ryder ripps got under your skin

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